Season 2019 – Green, healthy and ready

Season 2019

If you love peace, healthy food and staying at countryside then you are most welcome to come and visit us!

Camp site is situated on family property in the village Ostrog, and this year we are better prepared than the last years season.

After more than sixty years we have managed to bring drinking water on property! Yes, more than half of the century! Thanks to the Fund for Active Citizenship and Philanthropy for Green Ideas we have invested 10 000$ in our campground.

Today we have drinkable water on the property, renewable energy for the camp needs, a greenhouse, five bicycles and a workshop for souvenirs and repair needs of camp.

Soon we will have chickens 🙂

Thanks to FAKT and PGI we are on the right path of success!

Healthy food and groceries are our moto so we have prepared our gardens for the upcoming season. We will have a lot of homegrown vegetables and fruits!

Resources we don`t have, we will buy from the locals. 

We have gathered a community of supporters for building a Tiny House.

We are at 13% of needed funds and now on a path to find the rest of the needed funds.  Thanks for the support! 


Plan? Plan is to be better, to further improve the campground, to help villagers have better life by investing in village and to try to motivate Montenegrian youth to better use resources they have!

We have also started another online project that will help people from Montenegro. – 

It is hard to work alone but when you love what you do and want to succeed, every hard period is easy!

Believe in yourself!

I want to say thanks to my family and all the people that have supported me and the idea behind Camp Pod Ostrog!



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