Tiny House Project – Become part of our community


In the last period we were working on creating Tiny House project for our campground. We want to improve staying at our place so we opened the  possibility for people to support us.

If you want to be a part of building the wooden house you see in video and on the pictures bellow, you can support our crowdfunding campaign here.

By backing our campaign you will get rights for:
  • Gifts
  • Staying at camp
  • Staying at tiny house
  • Time based ownership (you can choose to stay in tiny house or use it for renting)
  • And a lot more perks for backers 
We had a voting going for more beautiful project and the Version II was chosen by our Facebook community and Instagram followers. As you can see a larger space of the plateau opens up for use. Also, a different kind of staircase allows us to use it as seating space. There are significantly more openings on the facades of the house, which offer a wonderful view of the surrounding terrain. It has 3 beds, 1 sofa and a dining table.


You can also help us and contribute by sharing with your friends and network. 

Be free to visit our campground