Monastery Ostrog: Place you need to visit while in Montenegro

Ostrog Monastery is one of Montenegro’s most famous and popular destinations. It’s a spectacular-looking white stone building set right into the cliffs, way up high on Ostrog Mountain. The monastery is believed to have spiritual powers, thus making it a major pilgrimage site for the pious.

Visitors can reach the monastery by driving all the way up to its base, where there’s a large parking lot. Otherwise, travelers can take a modern electric train between Podgorica and Niksic cities, getting off at remote Ostrog Station. From there it’s a 4 km / 2.5 mile hike up the mountain through lovely forests.

Ostrog Monastery is open every day from 6AM–8PM
Hiking up to Monastery Ostrog is an easy hike and there is no need for any special preparations. On train station there is tapped water so you can fill up your bottles.

Same thing you can do at lower or upper Monastery Ostrog.

Near lower Monastery Ostrog there are stores and restaurants where you can grab and have a nice meal. There is always and option for you to make sandwiches and take them with you.

Hiking path to Monastery Ostrog

Hiking path to Monastery Ostrog (From Camp Pod Ostrog / Train station)

During summer months (July and August) knows to be really hot (40°C), so morning hike is better than the noon one. Good thing is that on path from Camp Pod Ostrog or from train station, is mostly shade from woods in forest. Still it is good to know on what to expect.

We recommend that, while you are online, download MAPS ME (Android or iOS) which will guide you perfectly to the Monastery (on foot or by a car). These aps work offlice, just do not forget to download country map.

Monastery Ostrog a place to visit


Ostrog makes an easy day trip from either city or a stop along the way to other destinations.

However, the wonderful farmstay campground, Camp Pod Ostrog, makes a fantastic over-night stay in the Montenegrin countryside. The family farm is located a 15-minute walk from the train station, making it easy to reach. Travelers with cars can also drive to the property.

Cold-Weather Camping Tips

It’s run by Milan, who’s busy bringing the 5-generation-family-farm back to life with vegetable gardens, fruit trees and the international campground.

Monastery Ostrog a place to visit

I highly recommend spending a night – or 2 or 3 – at Milan’s place. You’ll get to experience some fantastic Montenegrin hospitality, learn about the history & culture of the area and country, meet granny and probably swig some ultra-strong homemade Rakija (Montenegrin brandy) with Milan and possibly other visitors.

What to see in the monastery?


Monastery Ostrog a place to visit

Due to its spectacular architecture and location the Ostrog Monastery is a true symbol of faith and purity of soul. It is a place where true miracles happen, where people gain peace, where those who are ill get cured, and those who have lost their way in life find their piece of mind. The Ostrog monastery consists of Upper and Lower monastery.


Upper monastery has two churches: Presentation of the Mary to the Temple, a resting place of the Saint Vasilije’s relics, and Holy Cross. The churches are decorated with frescos painted by famous painters in the 17th century, which are partly painted on the rocks of Ostrog mountain.

lower monastery ostrog

Lower monastery

Lower monastery was built in the 19th century and consists of the Holy Trinity church, monastic residances and religious school from the 18th century. Nowadays regular liturgies are held here, as well as baptism and weddings are performed.


There is a. 5 km long road from the Lower to the Upper monastery, but also a shorter foot path through the woods which can be crossed in about 25 minutes. In order to experience the magnitude of this place you should walk this path as the most humble of pilgrims. The Ostrog monastery in not only religious, but also cultural and historical monument. It testifies about the past and present time, about belief, culture and tradition of the people how have lived here for centuries.



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